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Creating the Peninsula STEM Gym

The Peninsula STEM Gym is a physical venue for student robotics teams to practice with their robots and get real-world engineering experiences that will inspire a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.

A 2,500 square foot warehouse in central Newport News, the STEM Gym will provide a place for several local robotics teams to practice driving their robots for competition.

By enabling these students to better practice their sport in a STEM Gym, we increase the likelihood that they can “turn pro” upon graduation, entering career fields which reward the communication and leadership skills that they learn through existing mentor-based robotics competitions.

“I think this is going to fundamentally change our approach to both software development and also drive team practice” says Todd Ferrante, drive team coach of Triple Helix Robotics, the competitive robotics team at Menchville High School in Newport News. “It really is a game changer.” Donald Williams, the head teacher and coach of the Phantom Mentalists, Phoebus High School’s team in Hampton, says: “The students need practice driving the robot to perform well in competitions, just like any other sport. FRC is a sport like any other at the high school level. It is just a sport for the budding engineers, programmers and manufacturing.”

Seating at the Peninsula STEM Gym will provide a comfortable working environment for our users to explore concepts in group problem-solving and teamwork.